Jule Epp

My Services

I offer individual therapy (in Berlin) for children of all ages on the autistic spectrum. I also offer parent consulting in various context (face-to-face, online, telephone) and at individualized intervals (single consultation, blocks of 4-5 sessions, weekly, or monthly sessions, etc.). I also offer video play consulting for adults seeking to support play in the children in their care. I regularly offer courses via the Neufeld Institute International (English) or via Bildungsstätte für Bindung, Entwicklung und Spiel (German) and can be booked for live customized, interactive workshops, seminars, or talks on various topics, such as Anxiety, Aggression, Autism, Attention problems, Play, among others. The supervision I offer to those in the helping professions is case-study oriented.


Parent Consulting

Parent consulting is about supporting the adult in supporting the child. It is not about acquiring advice from an expert but about finding in yourself what a particular child needs from you in order to be able to "rest, play, and grow".

Parent consulting can be focussed on a particular issue (e.g. aggression) or more general in nature (e.g. supporting my child's development).

Parent consulting generally consists of one hour sessions and can take place online or in person.


Video Play Consulting

Video Play Consulting is for parents and professionals who are wanting to support the developmental and healing power of play in the children in their care.

Video Play Consulting consists of consultations in which recorded play sequences with the child in question are viewed and discussed.  The goal of these consultations is to find ways to fine-tune the play situations to the individual child in order to facilitate attachment and emotional expression.

Consultations generally consist of one hour sessions and take place online.


Online-Courses and Webinars

Workshops, seminars, or lectures are customized to the context they are given in and can cover topics such as attachment, separation, aggression, anxiety, attention problems, autism, discipline, play, hypersensitivity...

The presentation format is personal and interactive, encouraging participation and self-reflection.

The fees reflect the length of the presentation - whether it be an hour, 3-hours, a full day, or several days.


Therapy for Children on the Autistic Spectrum

Therapy for children on the spectrum is aimed at supporting cognitive and emotional development through relationship and play. Although the therapy involves individual work with the child, parent involvement is essential. Coordination with other helping professionals or with schools is offered when needed.

Therapy usually takes place once a week, either in the home or in the practice.

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