Jule Epp


Walls & Windows

Reflections on Autism & Play - Imagine trying to connect with a child you love. Imagine it not working...

I am not going to cry!

How did my son come up with the idea that crying is somehow "bad", something contemptuous?

Dumbo's Barbaric Yawp

"Mom, I just want to be normal! I just want to be like everyone else!"

An Asperger Incident

My autistic son reveals how his brain and emotions work in a crisis incident at school (at age 14).

Another Asperger Incident

My autistic son describes the intensity of his sensory-emotional experience in school (Grade 3).

The Invitation

To invite my son meant I had to be able to invite – not only him – but myself, as well.

Autism & Hypersensitivity

It was clear right from day one that there was something different about my son.

Autism & Emotion

I remember what I thought of autism years ago as a young psychologist... That was before my autistic son was born.

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