Jule Epp

Developmental psychologist from Vancouver, Canada

A comprehensive understanding of the importance of attachment and play in human development forms the basis of my work with autistic children/adolescents and their parents

Online Course: Making Sense of Hypersensitivity. Tuesdays, 9:00 AM -10:30 AM PT. Starts Oct. 3rd, 2023. Runs for 5 weeks. For more information and registration click HERE

About me

I am a developmental psychologist originally from Vancouver, Canada. I studied with Dr. Gordon NeufeId in my early university years, and his understanding of the fundamental importance of attachment in human development formed the basis of my own career. I have been living in Berlin, Germany since 1992, have a family, and have spent the last years working with autistic children/adolescents and their parents. Although I love working directly with children, I place long-term emphasis in my work on helping adults help the children in their care to "rest, play, and grow". This is also why I also offer parent consulting, supervision, courses, workshops, or whatever other creative formats occur to me to support children in the unfolding of their potential in this world...

Online-Courses and Webinars

As Faculty of the Neufeld Institute International, I also offer courses and webinars in English on the website of the Neufeld Institute International

Coming soon: Making Sense of Hypersensitivity. starts Oct. 3rd, 2023.

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